Nike’s Breaking2 project centers around the goal of having the coveted sub-two-hour marathon time broken. In hopes of outfitting the world’s best marathon runner, Eliud Kipchoge, the Swoosh in turn designed a new shoe which ultimately went on to serve as inspiration for the ZoomX Vaporfly Elite.

Just last week, we got a look at the unreleased Breaking2 sample sneakers that were given to three different runners who were a part of the Breaking2 project, as the shoes have since made their way to eBay and are going for a whopping $10,000. Now, however, WIRED has dug deeper, ultimately telling the story of Eliud Kipchoge and Nike’s almost-perfect marathon.

For those unaware, back in May Kipchoge almost reached the seemingly impossible Breaking2 goal as he ran a 2-hour-and-25-second marathon. Now for a detailed account of the race, Eliud’s preparation beforehand, and his thoughts post-marathon, follow on over to WIRED.

Not NYC, not LA.