With the beef between Kanye West and Nike having received mass attention following its upheaval some years ago, it would appear that the collaborative partnership broke just before the release of a third Air Yeezy.

In an article recently published by Complex, evidence pertaining to the never-to-be sneaker has surfaced. In a brief statement by Esaie Witherspoon, who was, at the time, the Global Product Line Manager for one of Nike’s athletic departments and its ACG collections, she is reported to have having said that, “I heard word that the next shoe was already started,” before going on to mention that, “When the rants started, I was like, “It’s a wrap... put a fork in it.”” Witherspoon was in fact referring to West’s open criticisms of Nike and its CEO, Mark Parker, where it would appear that the artist’s actions were the straw that broke the camel’s back moments before what could have been another hit collaboration.

Despite Kanye West having left social media some time ago, further evidence has been found online, pertaining to a Tweet he sent out back in December 2011. A screenshot of the Tweet can be seen below.

In more Kanye West news, the star was just spotted wearing one of his strongest fits to date & you can check it out here.

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