In a report published by Business of Fashion last summer, sports bras have grown more than 20 percent year-over-year to about $3.5 billion in the U.S. in 2016 as an apparel category.

With bra competition heavily on the rise by other labels, the research and development team at Nike continue to push the envelope, as they now unveil the Nike Motion Adapt Bra, which adjusts to the support an athlete needs, whenever she needs it.

Flaunting a basic sports bra design, the interior incorporates a brand new adaptive material composed of unique foam and polymer hybrid that stretches at rest to form to your body's contours and it locks out when it senses impact.

Nicole Rendone, Design Director for Nike Bras and Innovation explains, "This unique, soft material molds to your shape and is very flexible, moving with you while you do low-impact activity. If you pull the front of the bra very slowly, you will feel the adaptive fabric moving with your hands. But if you pull it very quickly and with force, the fabric will resist movement by locking out, feeling almost hard. And that quality -- that it doesn’t move during high-velocity movement -- is the major benefit when it comes to support.” (In short, it could be compared to the way a seatbelt works.)

For a further look and additional details on the Nike Motion Adapt Bra, be sure to read the full story at Nike.

Nike’s Spring 2018 bra collection is currently available at Nike's online store and select retailers.

Earlier today, the Swoosh unveiled its all-new Air Max 270 inspired by ’90s Air Max sneakers.

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