"Nigerian football will rule the football world for the next decade," Segun Odegbami (a star of the 1980 Nigerian Africa Cup team) boldly states in Nike's new documentary This is Naija: A Nigerian Football Story.

At the 2018 World Cup, the Nigeria football team has already won, even if they don't make it pass the group stage. This is mainly due to their record breaking World Cup kits, which gained them tons of international recognition. Paying homage to various odes to past on-pitch successes and traditions, the top connects the past and present unifying the land and driving the spirit, belief and energy of the nation. Its culture bleeds through the kit as they play and continues to captivate the world.

However, Nike's latest film takes a look past the highly sought after jersey to open our eyes to the nation of Nigeria. Directed by filmmaker Andrew Dosunmu, who also produced the 2006 feature The African GameThis is Naija captures the pulse of the country’s unbridled, optimistic and confident approach to football.

The sport serves as a universal language to the diverse country with more than 500 different ethnic groups. Football provides a rhythm for daily life in the streets, the clubs, the markets and on the pitch, from the energy and chaos of Lagos to the wooded savannas of Abeokuta.

The film, which includes interviews with legend Segun Odegbami as well as current players Odion Ighalo and Wilfred Ndidi, shares how the Super Eagles' mission to bring Naija to the world takes shape.

Watch This is Naija: A Nigerian Football Story above.

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