Nike SB has just announced its latest footwear partnership, arriving in the form of a collaboration with Copenhagen-based Soulland.

Titled "," Eric Koston fronts the range of two sneaker styles, including the Nike SB Koston Hyperfeel 3 and the Koston 1. The style-driven offerings retain key functionality for skateboarders, along with fashion-tilted details on both sneakers.

Speaking on the collaboration, Koston himself noted "I'm a fan of Copenhagen as well as Silas' design aesthetic, throw in the fact that he's a skateboarder and it's a perfect fit!"

We also had the chance to ask Silas from Soulland a few question about the project.

Why was the Koston 1 picked for this release?

Nike wanted me to work on something old and something new, so we included the Koston 1 as an older model and Koston 3 as the new model. I wanted to take different approaches to the two shoes.

For the Koston 1 I wanted to make it very core skate, like a shoe I would skate in myself. I would always prefer a dark or white upper and a white sole. I also made the Swoosh smaller in a tonal colorway, which turned out to be my favorite detail of the whole shoe.

For the Koston 3, I wanted to make something that was more experimental. We used a mad mix of materials, but they also came out really good. Maybe more for the fashion sneaker crowd.

In your own words, what is the relevance of FRI.Day? is like Soulland, it's a bit of wordplay that has a practical meaning and a meaning that relates feelings. In Copenhagen you can swim in the harbor, this is a very unique and a very important part of Copenhagen youth culture, and this was the inspiration for

The sensation you get from getting off work for the weekend, going to the skate spot and linking up with your crew. Drinking beers, going home to shower, going to the club or bar, then on the way home the sun goes up and you take a swim in the harbor. It's the feeling of a Friday but also the feeling of freedom. "Fri" means freedom in Danish.

What makes the skate scene in Copenhagen unique?

So much. The scene is a very friendly skate scene. When I grew up there were more cliques, and some people really did not get along. Of course there are still crews, but there is a lot of mutual respect!

It's not very corporate either, everybody seems to support the smaller brands, I guess this is a European thing. Also there are a lot of spots now, so it's very friendly for skate films. A lot of skate tourism going on.

Both sneakers will be available fro the Soulland store, and on August 12 and selected stores starting August 19.

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