This month, $14,000 USD in Nike sneakers was stolen from a parked semi truck in Memphis, Tennessee. The theft reportedly took place at CEVA Logistics, a local shipping facility, as the locks on the parked trailer were cut, with multiple shipments of footwear then being unloaded.

"In Memphis, they know what trailers got what in them," stated Ned Hunter, a local truck driver. "If you know what’s in the trailer, then you should get on to where you got to go to, get out of Memphis."

According to the truck company, the vehicle remained parked on the property where the crime took place because it needed a tire repair. When the driver returned to his truck two days later, he then found the locks cut and his cargo missing.

Memphis is home to Nike's largest distribution center, which is why the city, and local truck drivers, appear to have a target on their backs.

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