nike tanjun sales 2019 Matt Powell

As much as the e-pages of Highsnobiety are filled with limited, high profile sneaker collaborations, these exclusive products are really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the global sportswear and footwear business.

For Nike, the true money-makers are mall-ready silhouettes like the Nike Monarch, which has been anecdotally touted as one of Nike’s best selling sneakers. In 2017 and 2018, figures showed that the Tanjun silhouette was Nike’s biggest bread winner those two years.

This pedestrian (when compared with something like Nike x OFF-WHITE) silhouette is priced at a very modest $65, but can be found priced lower on sites like Amazon, and the name comes from the Japanese word for “simplicity.” Recently, industry data analyst Matt Powell revealed that the Tanjun’s sale figures dropped by almost 30% in Q1 2019. Powell concluded his tweet by noting “No replacement in sight.”

Despite the Tanjun’s dip in sales in Q1 2019, the athleisure category remains hugely important for major sportswear brands like Nike and adidas. Stay posted for more information as it arrives.

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