With Arnold Schwarzenegger returning to the big screen in Terminator Genisys later this week, details behind one of the most important shots in the film have surfaced. As fans of the 1984 original film might remember, there's a scene where a frantic, naked Kyle Reese is running from the cops and ends up in a department store where he starts grabbing clothes and a pair of sneakers to complete his outfit. Hiding in a photo booth while he dresses himself, Reese's feet eventually lower into the frame bearing the now iconic black/silver Nike Vandal.

When costume designer Susan Matheson heard she’d be working on Terminator Genisys, which revisits the 80s setting and Kyle Reese’s character, she knew she had to do the footwear justice. “The very first phone call I made for Terminator Genisys, before I was even officially on the film, was to Nike to ask them to make the sneaker,” Matheson remembers. “Because I knew how long it takes to produce a sneaker, especially out of the country, and then to convince a massive corporation to be willing to stop their production.”

After some back and forth between Matheson, Paramount Pictures, and Nike’s entertainment marketing division, the sportswear company agreed to halt production in a factory and produce around 20 pairs of the Nike Vandal, all for Terminator Genisys. The brand provided her with plenty of pairs: a handful in the size 13 of actor Jai Courtney who plays Kyle Reese in the film, and a size run to make sure she had a pair for whatever stunt doubles were hired.

For more on how the costume designer was able to convince the sportswear giant to stop their production and produce the exclusive sneakers be sure to head over to Sole Collector for the full story.

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