After previously working on the Air Force 1 and Dunk, Riccardo Tisci is back with yet another Nike sneaker collaboration. This time around the reputable designer is taking on the brand's Air Zoom Legend.

Optioned in jacquard black with black and white detailing and a mesh black variant with a rainbow-accented heel, Riccardo revealed the inspiration for the project to be "very Tisci–it is very much me. The rubber heel and sole are very Nike but with a new interpretation inspired by a futuristic take on Brazil, waves, and movement. The front side is more classic, a sort of opposite of sports. Chelsea boots are my obsession in the male wardrobe. This is a strong shoe with a dual contrast and an experimental style. And the heel had to be important–its aesthetic has always represented strength since ancient Greece, where Achilles’s heel represented the human male force.”

When speaking further with Vogue regarding the collaboration, Tisci disclosed: “We chose this shoe because its story is so closely linked to the nineties as a symbol of youth culture and street style. This style was a street icon at the time. Its story revolves around sports, movement, life by the ocean, and the energy that comes from this lifestyle."

"That freedom and optimism define my state of mind," the Italian creative went on to say. "I had already worked with the world of surfing, so I feel close to this idea. Together with Nike we decided to redesign this shoe when I was working on my NikeLab x RT: Training Redefined collection before the Olympics.”

Look for the new Riccardo Tisci x Nike Air Zoom Legend to become available exclusively at the new NikeLab store at 21 Mercer Street in New York beginning November 11. The sneakers will then arrive online and at other retailers later in the year.

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