Spike Jonze's unconventional approach to filmmaking is often heralded as genius, and while genius need not always be explained, his recent directorial effort for Kanye West and Lil Pump's "I Love It" may require a little decoding. The video, which sees the duo don oversized box outfits in an Irving Penn-style location, was recently aided by hand-drawn treatment sketches courtesy of Jonze.

Initially shared with Garage magazine, the three images depict West and Pump as stick men-style figures, standing side-by-side and behind each other. The third image echoes the final scene in the video, in which famed comedian Adele Givens towers over the pair in an absurdly large stance. Nearby, Jonze pens a curt explanation for the scene.

Check out the sketches above, and revisit "I Love It" below.

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