Producer and rapper Ronny J revealed some interesting details about the forthcoming YANDHI album and what it was like to record with Kanye in Uganda when he recently spoke on Kids Take Over. The Jersey-native and C9 member opened up about living in the ULT house with X, Denzel, and Ski, and Jake Paul, producing Eminem’s “Killshot” and MGK’s “Rap Devil” diss tracks, and how the Florida scene went mainstream.

Arguably the most interesting part of the interview comes around 18:14 when Arshan Jawaid probes him about working with Kanye. Watch the full video below, and take a look at some of Ronny's answers after the jump.

On linking up with Kanye

“His management reached out. They were like, 'Yo, he wants to fly you out to Chicago tomorrow' then he said 'I'm going to Colombia tomorrow, you wanna go?' From there we went to a few different countries... sometimes we would just go somewhere to look at art, not even work on music.”

On how Kanye discovered him

“Kanye's a very different type of person...he's a very sporadic type of person so it wasn't like yeah, I found out about you from this " but it was clear that he knew the work I'd done with XXXTentacion.”

On Ye's unpredictable workflow

“That's what makes Kanye Kanye and honestly, I'm inspired by that... that's who he is as a person, even beyond music. I don't know if he's always been like that but that's basically what his journey has made him become. He can be that guy because he's worked hard enough that he can financially support anything he wants to do.”

On the meaning of life

“Becoming successful and creating your own world.”


On recording YANDHI in Africa

“He has different studios set up outside... there were times when we were recording vocals and we would get the nature sounds, you've got to actually be there and be present for it to be authentic... you could YouTube some ape sounds or monkey or bird sounds but to actually be there, on the Nile River, not everyone gets to do that so it's best to utilize that and take advantage of that in the moment.”

On the next “generational talent”

“Lil Pump for sure is the biggest superstar in the world... Pump can go anywhere and it's all love”

On leaks

“If people are leaking your music it means that they actually want it.”

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