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In a somewhat unlikely partnership, Tom Sachs’ D.I.Y. aesthetic meets the biggest sporting goods brand on the planet for an artisanal capsule collection entitled NIKECraft. Launched on the eve of Tom’s SPACE PROGRAM: Mars, this joint venture highlights Tom Sach’s outlook on space travel.

“Astronauts must be as fit as an elite athlete to even withstand the rigors of exiting the earth’s atmosphere. Their daily tasks require a substantial effort and endurance. Equally, their equipment must be up to the task of performing under the most unforgiving conditions.”

Materials that have never been used in sportswear, such as automotive air bags, mainsails for boats and the space suit itself, combine with zipper pulls that double as storage containers, paracord that can be fashioned as a tourniquet and hits of Sach’s signature artwork for a diverse collection that blends visual interest with purpose.

Packed with functionality that would prove useful for a voyage through space, the Tom Sachs: NIKECraft collection is made up of the Mars Yard Shoe, the Trench, the Marsfly Jacket, and the Lightweight Tote.

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