And once again we reach the end of another content-packed week, helped along by your commentary contributions. Before we enjoy what is rumoured to be a sunny weekend; the first sun to penetrate the clouds looming over Berlin in like 84 years, let’s compile a little selection of the weeks best comments.

With Supreme once again at the heart of a shit storm, this time thanks to the essay ‘Is Supreme Still Supreme?’, we were spoilt for choice, and information on the release of the Instagram Socialmatic also split you lot down the middle. Take a look at what you had to say after the jump.


#10 commented on: Nike Free Woven Spring 2013

Iulian Popa: are they for mowing the lawn?


#9 commented on: T3 Music Player App Inspired by Dieter Rams

Matthew Kenyon: A Dieter Rams inspired music player app on a device that came from a music player that was inspired by Dieter Rams.


#8 commented on: Odd Future Spring Summer 2013 Collection

DMT: the guy on pg 21 looks like a fat hipster lebron james

DMT: the guy on pg 21 looks like a fat.hipster lebron james

DMT: the guy on pic 11 looks like a fat hipster lebron james


#7 commented on: Bertone Aston Martin

Stuart Mcclurg: This looks like a cut and shut between any other Aston (front) and an Alfa Brera (rear)

Christian Moller Sorensen: Shut up, it’s awesome.


#6 commented on: Supreme Spring Summer 2013 Croc Luggage

Thatguy29: Supreme wanna be the Louis Vuitton of the street wear community so bad

Prof. Schaler: You got that from the 8-pictures? You wanna elaborate on your bold statements?


#5 commented on: The Ultra Lightweight Blackbraid Bike

Richard Barrett: Misleading photo. That is in fact a pic of the strongest toddler on earth. She routinely bench presses mountain bikes as part of her warmup.


#4 commented on: The Paradox of Parody Designer Tees

Oisoonsy: I think High Snobiety have got a new roll of “word of the day” toilet paper……and used it in one article.


#3 commented on The Instagram Socialmatic Camera Becomes a Reality Under the Polaroid Brand

Max Felker: So you’re going to take a digital camera, apply effects that make the image look worse than digital, and then print it on actual Polaroids?And then every hipster is going to buy one of these?

There are two stories here:

100 Million hipsters go forward with technolgoy to go back in time to buy new technology to make it look old.

One brilliant mastermind is reaping the financial gains of everyone being hipsters.

Goddamnit, I love and hate the internet so much.


#2 commented on: Kanye West Wears Mask Again at Suprise Paris Concert, Compares Himself to Steve Jobs

NotKanyeFan: Dear Kanye, are u not happy with your look?


#1 commented on: Is Supreme Still Supreme?

Nathan: let the fights begin 

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