Tune in and turn up

Lil Uzi Vert has been fairly busy lately, take his recent mixtape with Gucci Mane for example. Despite this, it looks like Lil Uzi has no plans to slow down as he sat down with DJ Whoo Kid to discuss what he’s been recently cooking up in the lab.

As the short interview reached its conclusion, Whoo Kid asks Uzi if there’s anyone special he’s been working with, to which Uzi responded, “I been working with Kanye.” When asked to describe what it was like to be in the studio with Mr. West, Uzi went on to say, “He drops gems on you, and he don’t even know. Like he’s just talking and he’s dropping gems.”

Whoo Kid was also curious about whether or not the experience would have a lasting impact on Uzi’s music style, “I’m not gonna say I switched my style as of now, but of course Kanye helped my style in general. He already helped my style from the rip.”

It’s always good to see veterans helping young talent out, and it appears as though despite all the trouble he’s been through lately, Kanye’s still keeping active. What are your thoughts on Uzi hanging with Kanye?

Words by Marcus Cho
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