Many different reasons are cited as to how adidas has managed to close the presumedly unsurpassable gap on Nike in recent years, but no one could deny a big part of it comes down to the brand’s potent collaborative roster. Born and raised in Melbourne before uprooting to Nuremberg, Germany, Rachel Muscat has served as global director of icon collaborations at the brand since 2009.

In that time, Muscat has cemented affiliations with the likes of Kanye West (YEEZY,) Pharrell (Hu/Supercolor,) Palace, Jeremy Scott, Mary Katrantzou, and Opening Ceremony. It’s not coincidental that 2015 saw the Three Stripes record gross revenue figures of more than $15 billion.

In a new interview with Broadsheet Melbourne, Muscat has dished the dirt on her favorite collaborations, work with Ye, and how the Three Stripes plans on moving forward in the future. Check out some of our choice takeaways below.

On Palace, Opening Ceremony, Jeremy Scott, and the qualities she looks for in a collaborator:

“When we work with the likes of Palace Skateboarding and Opening Ceremony, it’s about how we can reinterpret what we are as a brand, but also keep the essence of who they are. I loved working with Jeremy Scott because he loved our logo. The collaboration was about how to make the three stripes in a different way we haven’t seen before. I’ve also worked a lot with the skateboarding part of our business, and one thing I took from that was this connection to true culture. For me, that’s about what’s happening on the streets day-to-day.”

On what her day-to-day role entails:

“My two main collaborations are with Pharrell Williams and Kanye West, so it’s really looking at what our key priorities that day or week are – a fashion show coming up, or a sample round you need to see, a meeting you need to plan with management and the collaborator, factories, and then the sales strategies, what city to launch our collections.”

On working with Kanye:

“Kanye is a creative genius. I have so much respect for his vision and what he’s brought to life. He’s one of the hardest working people I know. He cares about every detail … which is really inspiring.”

On her highlights at the company so far:

“Definitely when we launched Yeezy Season 1 and a month later we had Pharrell’s 50-colour Superstar campaign. It was one of those moments where all of this hard work really paid off.”

On her favorite part of the job:

“Being around these amazing people who are leading culture. Being in a room with Pharrell, having him tell you what his vision is, and you thinking how to bring it to life.”

Head on over to the Melbourne Broadsheet website to read the interview in full.

It’s been a good week for adidas. The brand has ranked in the top 10 global best companies to work for.

  • Main Image: REX / Shutterstock.
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