“I been outta my mind a long time,” raps Kanye West on “Feedback” from The Life of Pablo, which recently became the first streaming-only album to go platinum. Whether you’re irritated by his public breakdowns or fascinated by them, they’re a big part of our perception of Yeezy, and according to a college professor, say a lot about how we deal with mental health.

Dr. Jeffrey McCune is using Kanye as a case study in a new lecture, entitled “Name One Genius That Ain’t Crazy: Kanye West and the Politics of Self-Diagnosis.” In his third and final lecture on the American rapper, Dr. McCune of Washington University in St. Louis will discuss the implications of Kanye being labelled both “crazy” and “genius” by the general public and how race can intensify “crazy” as a way to indicate someone mentally ill rather than innovative.

If you’re around St. Louis Wednesday, April 12 at 6 p.m., you can catch the lecture – it’s free and open to the public. If not, just revisit “Fade“ in all of its glory below.

In other music news, Kendrick Lamar just confirmed the name of his fourth studio album, as well as the tracklist. Get the full scoop here.

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