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When it comes to dressing for the gym, it’s fair to say that most people don’t put as much imagination into their outfit as they would for, say, literally any other activity. And why would they? For a lot of folks, training is nothing but a means to an end — 45 minutes of toil to achieve that fabled summer beach bod. But ask those who take it seriously — namely athletes — and they’ll tell you that dressing well makes you feel good, and feeling good equals improved performance.

For celebrities, stepping out to the gym is something of an occupational hazard, with a voracious paparazzi ready to pounce on any sartorial slip-ups. If you’re someone like Tom Cruise, wearing that slightly shrunk and washed-out Uniqlo T-shirt from three seasons ago is probably not a good idea, lest you want to be the butt of tabloid jokes the following day.

One man that understands gym attire is Kanye West. While Ye’s approach to working out might be highly questionable (“I hit the gym all chest no legs,” as he infamously rapped), he scores a bullseye when it comes to nailing that sweet spot between comfortable and practical. Sure, not all of us have an eight-figure deal with adidas, who we can tap for gear at any given time, but by complementing sports apparel with one or two more casual touches, Kanye is an example of how easy it is to look fresh even when you’re a sweaty mess.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of Kanye’s best gym ensembles. Peep them, and then check out A$AP Rocky’s best Gucci moments.

Vintage Tees

Despite some bad press of late, vintage T-shirts are here to stay, which is either a good or bad thing depending on your disposition. A heavy Harley Davidson T-shirt definitely won’t offer the same benefits as a ClimaCool vest, but whatever. On the lower half, Kanye opts for some “Zebra” YEEZY 350 V2’s, pairing them up with retro-inspired striped pants that Michael Jordan could’ve worn in the ’80s.

Streamlined Track Pants

Another day, another vintage Harley Davidson T-shirt and hoody combination. This time, Kanye opts for more streamlined track pants, ditching the YEEZYs in favor of the “Triple White” Ultra Boost – a sneaker we know he loves.

Surprising Footwear

The YEEZY Boost 750 might not be the most obvious gym footwear of choice, but bear in mind, this silhouette was informed by Kanye’s positive experiences with the Pure Boost before. It sums up the shoe’s versatility that it can look dope with fitted pants or Metro IV soccer socks — which you can purchase here for under $5.

Inner Roadman

#KanyeWest back at the gym in Encino, CA. February 8.

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This time, Kanye can be seen channeling his inner roadman, rocking black socks with his pants tucked in. For safety reasons, we hope he removed that YEEZY necklace before undertaking any strenuous activities.

No Expense Spared

Kanye has been good buddies with Enfants Riches Deprimes designer Henry Levy for a while, and most famously was spotted taking a nap in one of the brand’s $545 plaid shirts. If he’s happy to sleep in a brand that expensive, you can bet he won’t shirk working out in it, either. Here, he was snapped leaving a training session in a Saint Pablo hoodie designed by the brand, along with tour shorts and “Core Black/Red” YEEZYs.

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