The Griffins are gearing up for the holidays by decorating their house like many do during this time of year. One major difference that you probably won’t find in your home, however, is their version of the candy cane.

Instead of the usual peppermint-flavored holiday favorite, Meg is seen placing a “Kanye Cane” inside each family member’s stocking. And just what is a Kanye Cane exactly? Well, it comes complete with a pair of shutter shades and ‘Ye-specific voice activations.

While tossing the canes into the stockings, the talking candies ring out in braggadocios Yeezy tone, speaking on being unstoppable in music and fashion, wanting money from Mark Zuckerberg, and simply being the greatest.

Sound like Kanye? Press play above to check out a preview from the new Christmas episode of Family Guy.

Now find out how YEEZY Season 6 proves Kanye and Kim understand 2017 better than anyone.

Not NYC, not LA.

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