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Highsnobiety / Thomas Welch

This week, Kanye West eschewed New York Fashion Week, instead remaining in Los Angeles to co-creative direct the first ever Pornhub awards show.

Details surrounding the event have been hard to come by thus far. What we do know is that, on the night, Kanye dropped an unspeakably NSFW track with Lil Pump; designed alien-phallic trophies for the category winners; performed live with Teyana Taylor; and showcased some of his new Yeezy designs on the models.

Now, further details of what went down are emerging courtesy of Rolling Stone. And it appears proceedings didn’t go off without a hitch.

The account claims the event was “riddled with organizational and tech problems,” and that “by the last half hour, the room was so empty that presenters had to nearly beg the winners to come accept their neon dildo-shaped awards.” It says the show kicked off an hour late, with performers none the wiser as to whether it was going to go ahead until the last minute.

“The erotic photographer Richard Kern snapped [the models’] photos, ignoring the audience altogether,” it states. “It wasn’t until minutes later that West himself strolled on stage, adding to the confusion rather than clarifying it. The rapper and fashion designer alternated between shouting directions at Kern (“Yo, Richard!”) and silently posing for photos, as if this was his own private photo shoot we’d all stumbled into by accident.”

It then claims that Pornhub’s Vice President of Marketing had only met West little over a week before the event, and agreed to put to the collaboration just five days afterward.

Notably, Lil Pump was absent from proceedings, as he is currently in jail for violating his probation.

Get the full low down on what went down here.

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