With sportswear brands continuing to penetrate the world of high fashion, it only makes sense that consumers follow suit and adopt brands like adidas, Nike, and PUMA into the most private parts of their lives.

At least, that may be the thinking behind HYPERMARKT’s latest collection of everyday household items, released under the slogan “all your personal needs from all your favorite sports brands,” with the key piece a box of Nike condoms.

The collection includes Nike-branded toilet paper and condoms, an adidas “UltraFresh toothbrush,” PUMA dishwashing liquid, and Reebok band-aids.

Clearly a cheeky parody of the current obsession with sportswear brands, the collection is almost completely sold out – only the Nike toilet paper remains – but make sure to keep an eye on HYPERMARKT’s web store in case the collection restocks.

In other news, T-Pain shows us all how to use Animoji correctly.

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