Justin Bieber has released a fresh batch of merchandise which once again plays with the styles and motifs of fashions's label of the moment, Vetements.

The new assortment contains oversized hoodies and long-sleeve T-shirts with bold graphics down the side, just like that "Titantic" hoody. There's also a black T-shirt and coach jacket which simply sport the word "Staff" on the front and back, a not-so-subtle mimicking of another Vetements trope found on both the "Securite" T-shirt and to a lesser extent, the infamous "Polizei" raincoat.

Whether this is a flat-out ripoff or a cunning nod to the wider fashion world is still up for debate, but what is for certain is that the Biebs's items will fly off the shelves. Head over to Nomad to purchase.

Biebs has also remixed Drake’s “One Dance” to make possibly the ultimate song of the summer.


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