Few things in life are as collectively despised as pimples, but the annoying red cauldrons of bacteria may have just gotten a makeover thanks to Justin Bieber.

The singer has often spoken about his troubles with acne, and even took to Instagram last year to share the skincare regime he was using to fight it. But now it appears he's chucking it all in the trash after he posted a video of his blemished forehead with the caption, "pimples are in."

Whether he's being sincere or sarcastic (or, for you cynics, merely trying to appear more "relatable" to his fans) is unclear. Regardless, it's a nice thing for him to share in a social media era in which people feel forced to look "perfect" in every post.

If, unlike Bieber, you're still unhappy with the state of your skin, check out these 10 essential products to help you build a solid skincare regime.

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  • Photography:Phillip Faraone / Freelance Photographer / Getty Images

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