Those of you who've paid even the slightest amount of attention to Justin Bieber's actual skin, rather than the pristine airbrushed images of it seen in glossy magazines, will know he's not exactly the bastion of great grooming.

Nonetheless, it appears his adoring fans have been begging the star to reveal his beauty secrets after we were treated to a series of video clips on his Instagram Stories, detailing exactly how he gets the muck off his multi-million dollar mug.

“I simply use a Clarisonic brush and then I use this, uh, Christie Kidd cleanser… and then I go ‘sha-blam’ all over the dome," Bieber says in the videos, wearing presumably nothing but the Versace-esque bathrobe. "And then I wash that bad boy off, and use a little bit of sunscreen.”

Perhaps the most surprising thing here is not the slightly awkward, off-the-cuff delivery, nor the fact he has a skincare routine at all, but the grooming tool he's using: a Clarisonic brush. The brushes are lauded or laughed at, depending on who you're speaking to (the research suggests they're nothing more than expensive washcloths with a motor, FYI), but you have to give the guy credit for at least trying to address his skincare woes.

The one great tip we can all take from his routine, however, is to use goddamn sunscreen. It's 2017 — we should all know by now that unless you want your face to look like an empty chip bag when you're 50, you need to wear sunscreen. Yes, even in fall.

You can see a selection of our favorites here, or shop the products Bieber is using (unfortunately the Christie Kidd cleanser isn't available to the public yet, though you can sign up to find out when here) below.




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In other news, Danish brand DOXA has you covered for stylish workout gear this fall.

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