Many people like to refer to Kanye West as a genius, and while that is probably true in some senses, not everything associated with the musician/designer is the result of painstaking creation. For example, a recent Reddit post has pointed out that the logo for Kanye's Calabasas line is merely taken from a 1992 youth soccer camp, Coerver Coaching, that adidas sponsored decades back.

You'll notice that the "C" is virtually identical, in addition to the "adidas" tagging underneath, while the top tier simply replaces "Coerver Coaching" with "Calabasas."

We're certainly not claiming that West or adidas have insisted the logo came from somewhere else, but still, it's pretty interesting to see the '90s badge reborn.

Created in 1984, the Coerver global soccer program is inspired by Dutch European Championship winning coach Wiel Coerver and was founded by Alfred Galustian and longtime Chelsea great, Charlie Cooke. Coerver’s early focus was on teaching ball mastery and 1 v 1 skills by encouraging players to emulate the “moves” of soccer’s all-time greats.

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