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TMZ Live sat down with Kanye West to clarify some of the rapper’s recent remarks on the 13th Amendment.

Following West’s recent appearance on Saturday Night Live, where he made impromptu pro-Trump comments on-stage while wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, the rapper took to Twitter to explain that aims to abolish the 13th Amendment, the update to the American constitution which abolished slavery and “involuntary servitude,” unless as punishment for a crime.

“Abolish was the wrong language, I misspoke” West explained of his comments. “In order to make a free man a slave, all you have to do is convict them of a crime.”

“In order to come up to a solution to this complicated issue,” West explained, referring to mass incarceration, “we need people to amend the 13th Amendment.”

“Right now there’s over 2million black, African Americans in prison, a lot from non-violent crimes, a lot for first-time offences, and 80-90% because they’ve been brainwashed and programmed to pick up a gun because that’s what’s hard, to do an illegal activity because that’s what’s hard.”

In the lengthy, 42-minute video, West also touched on the drama around his recent Saturday Night Live appearance, “Make America Great Again” hat, running for president, his recent return to Chicago.

Check out the video in the player above, and for more Kanye news, here’s everything you need to know about YANDHI.

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