Kanye West really admires Katsuhiro Otomo's manga-cum-anime Akira. In his latest round of tweets, the rapper reaffirmed his love for the 1988 dystopian classic, citing it as his "biggest creative inspiration."

Underneath a picture of Otomo — who happens to be rocking a Supreme box logo T-shirt while holding a pair of YEEZY Boost 700 Wave Runners — West wrote, "Katsuhiro Otomo the creator of Akira. This movie is my biggest creative inspiration."

He later enthused, "Every stage show I’ve ever worked on, Every video, not just Stronger, every product, even when I was in the hospital, I would think… oh shit this is like Akira."

’Ye fans will already be aware that the rapper's video for "Stronger" — directed by Hype Williams — overtly references Akira, with scene-by-scene recreations from the animation film.

This isn't the first time Kanye has enthused about Akira. Years back, he named the movie, along with There Will Be Blood, as one of his favorite ever.

What are your thoughts on West's love for Akira?

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