Kanye West has tweeted again. As of late, he's been sharing photos and videos of trees via Twitter, and now, he has expressed his interest in meeting up with none other than Bob Dylan.

We can only speculate as to why West is interested in getting together with the accoladed singer-songwriter and author. A conclusion many people have come to is 'Ye could be interested on getting him to feature on his upcoming album YANDHI.  Or perhaps, he'd simply like to have lunch with the Nobel Prize-winning musician.

Considering West linked up with Paul McCartney in 2014 on "Four Five Seconds" and "Only One," working with Bob Dylan wouldn't be such a leftfield move for him. In addition, McCartney himself has remarked on similarities between Dylan and West. In an interview with NME, McCartney shared his thoughts on watching Kanye West and JAY-Z perform on their Watch the Throne tour. "I was expecting it to be, 'Oh it's great, it's hip-hop, it's loud,' but I hadn’t until then got the urban poetry aspect," McCartney remarked. "Like, Bob Dylan is a poet. And so is JAY-Z and Kanye."

Do you think Kanye West and Bob Dylan should work together? Let us know in the comments.

In other music news, Killer Mike is getting a Netflix show called 'Trigger Warning.' Watch the trailer here.

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