Kanye West wore another T-shirt from a metal band… and people got upset. This time around, Cradle of Filth threw shade at Yeezy after he was spotted wearing one of their T-shirts. Long-sleeved to be exact. And they are not really here for it.

Has the black metal band considered the possibility that Kanye might secretly be their biggest fan? That he might be inciting non-metalheads to listen to something other than The Life of Pablo? Alas, Cradle of Filth have publicly expressed their gratitude via Facebook post that Kanye has not collaborated with the band at all. But who knows? To throw a Justin Bieber proverb into the mix – “Never say never.”

Can’t we just all get along? We love both Cradle of Filth and Kanye dearly. Maybe Cradle of Filth should fire up Yeezus and throw their Kanye preconceptions out the window. Or maybe they’ll like Kanye’s most recent collab with Drake on More Life?

Revisit Kanye’s “Feedback” in all its distorted, metal-esque glory below.

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In other music news, London collective Last Night in Paris just dropped a fresh video for their track “Forest.” Peep our exclusive premiere here.

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