After visiting with Harvey Levin and TMZ for a controversial new interview, Kanye West continues to make his rounds, most recently paying a visit to Detroit art school, CCS. This time the topic of conversation wasn't YANDHI, slavery, or Donald trump, rather, it was Elon Musk.

Kanye implored students — and anyone in the world who will listen — to leave Musk alone. Musk has been subjected to his own fair amount of criticism recently, particular pertaining to insensitive comments directed at British diver Vernon Unsworth and fraud allegations, just to name a few.

Back in March Elon Musk mentioned that he is inspired by Kanye West. Evidently the feeling is at least somewhat mutual.

In other Ye-related news, Kim Kardashian is now a part-owner of Kanye's YEEZY brand.

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