Life continues to imitate art in the strangest ways possible. Kanye West’s “Famous” has reached new heights of, well, reality, after his recent secret meeting with Donald Trump, one of the many nude wax figures in his controversial music video. And as arty as that visual was, it left room for more.

Luckily, we have the above fan-made video by Andrei Popa that is, in its own way, the perfect visual accompaniment for the song.

Using a true collage of pop culture, this music video has just about every famous person ever. And many shots incorporate the song’s lyrics into iconic imagery, like “made that bitch famous” hovering over the photographer from the classic thriller Blow-Up.

Of course, there was a very, very high-profile version of a Kanye West “Famous” video made by Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim. Watch it below:

In other music news, Wiz Khalifa has gone back to the vault to release a track with Juicy J titled “Bombay & Lemonade.” Listen to it right here.

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