Kanye West made a triumphant return to Instagram yesterday to celebrate Valentine’s Day. His comeback started with a post of what looked like a handwritten Valentine’s card for Kim Kardashian, which eventually turned into a nine-hour Valentine’s Day ode to his wife.

West posted 50-odd pictures of “power couples,” including Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, Carrie and Mr. Big, Biggie and Faith Evans, and ended the landslide of posts with – you guessed it – Kimye.

After deleting his social media accounts in May, West reactivated his account recently and waited until Valentine’s Day to mark his return to posting. His refreshed account follows just one other: Kim Kardashian’s.

Of course, the internet was awash with reactions following his unexpected return, so we’ve rounded up some of the best for you below.


We’ll give you three guesses who they are talking about

We’re all ready


Wiser words were never spoken

Some weren’t feeling it though

We all do

And this is just disrespectful, Instagram

In other news, Kanye West is trying to trademark “Red October.” Read more here.

  • Main & Featured Image: Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

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