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On Saturday September 29, Kanye West invited homeless rapper Nino Blu into his studio after hearing him spit a few bars outside of New York’s Electric Lady Studios. Blu, real name Jorge Flores, had been sleeping outside the building before his encounter with the G.O.O.D. music head.

“My name is Nino Blu and I’m here with Kanye West,” Nino begins in a clip posted to West’s twitter. “My birthday was the other day and I just became homeless because the guy at the place I was living with was a little crazy and I’m out here on the street and Kanye is bringing me into the studio right now.”

Nino continues, “He heard me rap. He says I have good energy and he’s gonna show me some beats and stuff. I feel extremely blessed. I feel very happy. I feel like God is just looking out for me, right now. I don’t really have any words at all to describe what’s going on. This feels like a crazy ass miracle. I want everyone to know that if you have a dream or you have anything that you’re pursuing, keep going to the very end because you don’t know what could potentially happen. The universe works in very mysterious ways. I feel extremely blessed with Kanye West.”

In conversation with The New York Post (as per Page Six), Flores said he spent around 40 minutes with West, who gave him life advice, a smoothie and some “very exotic tasting soup”. Flores added, “He told me that I rap well, that I’m good, that he likes my energy and he likes how I think.”

Additional footage of the encounter captured by TMZ can be seen below.

Flores, a Florida native, has had run-ins with rap stars in the past. According to his YouTube channel, Blu dropped out of college and a year later in 2013, opened for Kendrick Lamar. According to ths Reddit threat, Blue also has loose ties with Drake, OVO and Charlamagne from ‘The Breakfast Club.’

In other news, BROCKHAMPTON’s ‘iridescence’ debuts at number 1 on the Billboard Charts.

Words by Candice Nembhard
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