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Kanye West fans are holding out hope that September 27, 2019, will mark the release of a new album titled Jesus Is King. But even with a tracklist and release date posted to his website, skepticism is rife.

After all, both Kanye and Kim Kardashian tweeted about the imminent release of a new album YANDHI which was supposed to arrive on September 29 last year. That date and the album itself have come and gone but now we are about to go through it all again as the Kardashian-Wests begin to promote Jesus Is King. 

Here’s everything we know so far about the album.

‘Jesus Is King’ release date

On Thursday, August 29 Kim Kardashian shared what seemed to be a tracklist for a new Kanye West album called Jesus Is King with a September 27 release date.

The initial outpouring of excitement was not without reservation though. On October 1 last year, Kim famously tweeted that YANDHI would arrive on Black Friday – November 23, 2018 –  adding “TRUST ME it is worth the wait.” Kim’s tweet about Jesus Is King was met with a mix of hopefulness and suspicious, as well as many, many clown memes.

The ‘Jesus is King’ tracklist

A week after Kim’s tweet, Kanye posted the same shot of the tracklist on, essentially confirming both the tracklist and the release date. Interestingly Kanye has already played one song from the new album, “Water.” He debuted the gospel-inspired track during his Sunday Service at Coachella.

The rest of the tracklist has heavy biblical undertones especially “Garden,” “Selah,” God Is,” “Baptized,” “Sunday,” and “Sweet Jesus.”

Elsewhere “Clade” is a reference to our common ancestors, “Sierra Canyon” is a private school in LA where Kendall and Kylie went and North West is currently attending, “Hands On” could be a reference to previous track “Father Stretch My Hands, Pt. 1” and “Wake The Dead” likely alludes to the Biblical story of Lazarus, who Jesus was supposed to have brought back from the dead.

What will ‘Jesus is King’ sound like?

If Yandhi was going to be the spiritual sequel to Yeezus, then Jesus Is King will be just straight up spirituality. Fans are expecting the album to be gospel-heavy and sound similar to the music Kanye has been playing during his Sunday Services. The biblically-themed tracklist seems to reflect this theory, especially with the inclusion of previously-teased “Water.”

What didn’t make the cut

Based on Kim’s shot and scribblings on the yellow pad of paper, Kanye fans speculate that “Breast Plate of Right” as well as “kingdom,” “strength,” “lion,” “Glory” and “fire” could be titles that didn’t make the cut.

Does the release of ‘Jesus is King’ mean that ‘Yandhi’ is canceled?

Unfortunately, the emergence of Jesus Is King most likely means that Yandhi will never be released. The album was plagued with multiple delays, while leaked tracks made their way online. It’s hard to tell whether the leaks made Kanye want to give up the album, or if he was just interested in going in a different direction musically.

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