As you’re probably aware, Kanye West is back on Twitter providing fans with news of upcoming projects, life advice, and much more. During his return, West has also expressed personal views on more sensitive topics, just days ago stating his support of far-right figure Candace Owens. “I love the way Candace Owens thinks,” Kanye tweeted.

Owens acts as the communications director for Turning Point USA, specializing in “urban engagement.” Turning Point USA is closely aligned with the Trump administration, delivering far-right ideology on university campuses throughout the country.

Since his tweet, fans have taken to the social media app to express their displeasure with West’s alliance. Now, it appears things have gone a step further. During a recent telephone conversation with Hot 97’s Ebro Darden, Kanye reportedly stated that he loves Donald Trump. You’ll remember that West met with Trump in late 2016.

Ebro went into detail about his chat with ‘Ye on Hot 97 earlier today, insisting that the Chicago rapper is completely out of touch with the issues that plague African Americans today in the U.S.

At one point, talk also shifted to Kanye’s opioid addiction, which had not been previously confirmed publicly. For more on Ebro’s conversation with West, simply press play above.

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Not NYC, not LA.