Kanye West's biblical opera Nebuchadnezzar premiered yesterday, November 24, at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. The opera saw Kanye as the narrator, Sheck Wes as the titular Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar, and musical performances by singer Peter Collins and Infinity's Song. And, according to Twitter, the event was (for the most part) a huge success.

Directed by longtime collaborator Vanessa Beecroft — who also directed Kanye's "Runaway" video — the show featured theatrics, costumes, dancers, and, of course, opera singers. Though most of the music in Nebuchadnezzar was original, some parts pulled from Kanye's catalog, including "Wolves" from Life of Pablo.

According to Pitchfork, the show featured some unexpected moments, too. Starting two hours behind schedule, the audience reportedly began to chant "We want Kanye." And though most fans were expecting him to perform on stage, he took the backseat and starred as the narrator behind the scenes.

Kanye's narration did lead to some humor, however. For example, while he was reading from the Bible's Book of Daniel, he stated that Nebuchadnezzar “fell upon his face” three different times. Sheck Wes, meanwhile, refused to fall, leading to laughs from the audience and chuckles from Kanye himself.

Those who weren't lucky enough to attend had the chance to tune in remotely, as the opera was live-streamed on TIDAL.

Check out the best Twitter reactions from Kanye West's Nebuchadnezzar opera below.

Kanye West live-tweeted while narrating the opera.

Some fans were pleasantly surprised.

While others thought the #Nebuchadnezzar hashtag was about the actual King.

Some claim that there was a pretty big mistake on the opera's invitation

The biggest takeaway?

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