Forever 21 has dropped a new T-shirt that completely rips off Kanye West's recent "I Feel Like Pablo" merchandise, which was designed by artist Cali Thornhill DeWitt.

Along with the use of a very similar font, the F21 version of Kanye's tee features a raw hem, an asymmetrical cloth strap, and an obscure reference to Simon of Cyrene on the back. In the bible, Simon carried Jesus's cross to the point of crucifixion under orders of the Romans.

Forever 21 isn't the first brand to be caught copying Kanye's design work too closely. ZARA more or less remade YEEZY Season 2 with cheaper materials for its “Streetwise” assortment, and COS followed shortly afterwards with a new assortment that bared a striking resemblance to the same collection.

It's no surprise when huge corporate fashion brands imitate the latest trends and styles from the runways, but when it's this blatant it still raises a few eyebrows.

The shirts are available in two colors: black and "brick," and can be purchased now for $32.

Justin Bieber also got in on the clothing imitation game recently; his latest merchandise looks just like Vetements.

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