Kanye West is back on Instagram! What seems to be an annual occurrence, the rapper has returned spreading his social media outreach to the photo sharing site.

West had returned briefly last Valentine’s Day, posting  a variety of the greatest celebrity power couples (which, of course, included Kimye) in an apparent ode to his wife. This time around, his posts are less of a pop culture statement, and more of a deeper look into his creative design side.

So far, Ye has posted three photos. The first features a scenic image of buildings on a grassy hillside in Colombia.

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He then shares a second photo featuring rough sketches of the Colombia buildings. Without providing any information besides, "buildings inside the hills in Colombia" there's no information on what Kanye's involvement is or what the buildings are for. The structures remain a mystery as of now.

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Lastly, West posts a drawing of Matt George, the brilliant mind behind retail spaces like NomadStüssy Toronto, and sneaker designs for Ransom. He also serves as a creative consultant for Kanye, assisting him on past Yeezy collections and more.

The image also features the caption "Meetings with Matt George." Who knows what the two creative minds have in store, but we're sure it'll be nothing less than game changing.

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As Kanye continues to post on Instagram, we'll update this post. Stay tuned.

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