Last week, Diet Prada called out Kanye West, claiming he had plagiarized the work of artist Rita Minissi in an image for his recent #SUPERMOON campaign shot by Eli Russell Linnetz. The Instagram account said the #SUPERMOON image “bears a striking similarity” to a 2015 image by Minissi, which explored themes of trauma and being disconnected from your body.

Now, Minissi herself has spoken out about the allegations. Minissi told Refinery29 via a written statement, “Although I am deeply distressed by this exploitation, the greater issue here is that a large corporate entity is profiting off of years of labor from a self-funded artist by turning something cathartic into capital; attempting to steal the truth of an individual without consequences."

She continued, alluding to previous plagiarism accusations leveled at YEEZY: "This is not an isolated instance, to the corporate entity in question or to the industry as a whole.” According to Refinery29, Minissi stressed that she is a fan of both YEEZY and West and would have collaborated if approached by his team.

Referring to the public reaction since the Diet Prada post four days ago, Minissi’s statement added, “I am an intensely private person excessively outside of my comfort zone right now. A painful personal trauma is defining my identity in news media, while I receive hateful messages from strangers when I’ve done nothing wrong and never desired to be at the center of a public spectacle.”

Neither YEEZY nor Eli Russell Linnetz have made a statement regarding the allegations.

In other news, KAWS unveils partnership with Kim Jones for Dior SS19.

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