Music and fashion publications everywhere have been buzzing about the debut fashion presentation from Tyler, The Creator at MADE LA over the weekend. Even more buzzworthy was the brief interaction he had with Kanye West, who appeared only to give him a mysterious envelope. But rest easy, for we have solved the mystery.

The crowd obviously went wild at the appearance of Kanye, but to say it was a cameo would be an understatement. He simply strolled to the front of the runway and handed Tyler said mysterious envelope with a rare 'Ye smile on his face. His appearance was so unfussy that the only way the audience members in the back could have known it was him was through Tyler’s profuse ramblings about what a "beautiful person" Kanye was.

Tyler then strolled to the other end of the stage to deliver the envelope to a designer friend near the front. Upon a dramatic process of opening the letter, Tyler encouraged this friend to speak its contents into the microphone. The results? That Kanye had purchased a pair of Tyler’s so-called Golf Le Fleur shoes for every audience member who attended.

The crowd went wild again, and Tyler started hopping across the stage Oprah style, "You get a car! And you get a car!" The only way this giveaway could have been better was if 'Ye had gifted pairs of the new YEEZY Boosts, but we doubt that anyone was complaining.

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