With no adidas YEEZY Boost released so far this year, fans have been waiting with bated breath for even a small hint as to when to expect the first drop of 2016.

Now, in a statement released by Pete Fox, the President of Kanye West's YEEZY label, we know it's slated for June 6. The statement reads:

"As a first of several launch announcements planned for this year, the highly anticipated YEEZY footwear collection from Kanye West's own signature line will be released globally on June 6, 2016 in select high-end fashion boutiques, specialty stores and online."

Perhaps more revealing than that date, however, is the omission of any mention of adidas and the explicit use of "YEEZY footwear collection from Kanye West's own signature line." The photos above also show the YEEZY Season 3 footwear, all of which was presumably produced independently of the Three Stripes like YEEZY Season 2. Somewhat surprising given the strong partnership between the two, the move follows news that YEEZY Season 2 will drop intermittently over the next few months.

It remains to be seen what the next wave of footwear will be called but for now you can check out recently teased Pablo merch.

  • Photographer:Highsnobiety.com

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