Comedian and SNL regular Kenan Thompson recently made a visit to Ebro in the Morning. In the interview, Thompson discussed the Comedy show and relived the infamous moment Kanye West held an impromptu pro-Trump rant on-air.

Last year, Kanye made headlines when he concluded his Saturday Night Live appearance by addressing the audience donning red MAGA Hat. During the incident, Thompson, who was onstage at the time, was famously captured slipping off stage. "Do you recall the Kanye West night?" Ebro asked the comedian during their lengthy interview.

"Thoroughly," the show's longest-running cast member immediately responded. "It's a moment in the show where it's like, sometimes they'll do a last song over the good night credits or whatever. So, you know...U2 did it, [Paul] McCartney did it, and they actually like go to the other stage and get with their band and do a whole performance. When I saw that he was standing on the regular stage I was like, 'oh he's just gonna take a moment and have a moment basically.'"

Thompson recalled how deeply uncomfortable the moment was and why he decided to leave. "It became extremely uncomfortable extremely quickly ... I was also tired as hell, it's a long day." He did, however, express sympathy for Kanye. "But God bless him, I felt bad."

The SNL regular also shot down Kanye's claims that he had been bullied over his MAGA hat backstage, saying "I'm not trying to overly promote somebody that's getting impeached, but each man's prerogative I guess."

Check out Kenan Thompson's full Beats 1 interview below.

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