The Nike Air MAG - from cult film franchise Back to the Future - is rumored to make its official (public) release in 2015, following an auction where 1,500 pairs were sold to benefit charity in 2011. For sneakerheads, there aren't many grails more worthy of reverence than the real-life MAGs, which imitated futuristic features portrayed in the movie like power laces and built-in lighting.

As we wait for more information on the potential Nike Air MAG release, check out 5 of the first 15 facts that you probably never knew about this mythical Nike shoe, then hit Sole Collector for more. 1. The MAG was the first shoe Nike designed specifically for a movie. 2. The MAG’s name comes from the word “magnetic.” 3. Nike actually had a say in the story of the movie. 4. The MAG in the movie didn’t actually power-lace. 5. Multiple sizes of the original Nike MAGs were made—smaller ones to accommodate Michael J. Fox’s feet and larger pairs for the stunt men. Now watch Bobby Hundreds interview Back to the Future co-creator Bob Gale.

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