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Depending on who you talk to, Nike was either outdone by adidas and Under Armour during the recent Rio Olympics, or it was pretty much more of the same from the world’s leading athletic brand. Nonetheless, the Swoosh is already setting its sights on the 2020 games in Tokyo, as they’ve unveiled a limited edition Flyknit Racer in celebration of the event.

The promo-only Flynit Racer is limited to 100 pairs, as they have been hand-dyed in indigo in Japan. According to Complex, who already have their hands on a pair, the sneaks feature Japanese writing on the tongue, reading “Naiki,” and they were then accompanied with a card that says: “Tradition turned revolution: Nike starts the journey to Tokyo by honoring Japanese craftsmanship with the hand-dyed Nike Flyknit Racer Indigo.”

Unfortunately, however, the limited edition Flyknit Racers won’t be available for purchase, unless you see them popping up on eBay for some reseller’s ungodly asking price.

Not NYC, not LA.