Nike is now in its first season providing the uniforms for all NBA teams. And while the partnership is no doubt a big deal — probably more for fans than players even — on-court, the new look hasn't been going quite as planned.

Say what you will about the overall design aspects of the jerseys, but from a quality standpoint — well — there are some questions. Following a preseason game where Lakers guard Tyler Ennis had one-half of his number almost completely come off, the king of the league, LeBron James, experienced a similar malfunction on opening night this week. Upon being grabbed by Celtic Jaylen Brown, the back of Bron's jersey ripped straight down the middle, directly between his number 2 and 3.

So not only was this the second time there has been an issue with the uniforms, but it also happened to the face of the league, on opening night no less.

Nike is currently in the midst of an eight-year, nearly $1 billion USD deal with the NBA, so they may want to remedy the problem and do so in a hurry. According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Nike officials spent Wednesday “extensively reviewing” why LeBron's jersey split.

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