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After another seven days, we return with the highlights from Highsnobiety’s shopping channel, carefully put together by our very own Commerce Content Curator, Nigel Minani. After having trawled through countless online stores, Nigel is here to give you a much needed dose of retail therapy with a curated selection of the latest and best in streetwear, sneakers, fashion and lifestyle products. For more of the most up-to-date shopping news, be sure to hit the button below.

If you manage to see past Prada’s mystifying Floral & Wheat shirt, be sure to keep on scrolling for looks at Parra’s latest Nike Air Max 1 collaboration, a Pickle Rick Sleeping Bag, and much more. So, without further ado, we will hand it over to Nigel who will give you all a brief, piece-by-piece rundown of his selection. Be sure to let us know in the comment section following what you are feeling, and if you plan to pick up any of the products featured below.

Billionaire Boys Club LDN N.E.R.D. Hoodie




Buy at Billionaire Boys Club / ICECREAM EU

“In case you missed it, BBC and N.E.R.D. just dropped a dope, new capsule. Unfortunately, the deck and trucker hat are already sold out, but the hoodie’s still available — a must cop for true fans.”

COMME des GARÇONS PLAY Big Heart Sweater

PLAY CDG Big Heart Sweater



Buy at DSM New York

“The new COMME des GARÇONS drop is now available from DSMNY!”

icantdecideyet Finesse College RE Sweatshirt

Finesse College RE sweatshirt



Buy at icantdecideyet

“This guy has been on my radar for a minute now — he’s part of that whole new wave of young designers re-purposing vintage clothing. Glad to see that he’s getting some cloud now through Drake. Finesse yourself with the Finesse sweater now!”

Prada Floral Wheat Shirt

Floral & Wheat Shirt





Buy at Selfridges & Co.

“Prada continues to drop the most fire and most sought-after summer shirts. Quite spenny, but worth every penny and can easily be worn during the next summers.”

Nike Air Force 1




20% Student Discount

20% Student Discount

Buy at NIKE

“One of the few updates to this iconic silhouette that actually work, returns in a dope, ice blue colorway. Suede upper mixed with a woven nylon heel panel is a no brainer.”

Nike Parra Air Max 1

Air Max 1


Nike x Parra

20% Student Discount

20% Student Discount

Buy at NIKE

“Finally, Parra’s laying his hands on an AM1 again! After creating legends like the Amsterdams, the Burgundys, and the Alber Heijns, the legacy continues with this very strong colorway. Additionally, there’s a Sprididon and a fire tracksuit on the way, but obviously the AM1 is the key piece of the capsule. Good look getting your hands on these.”

adidas Sobakov Shoes



adidas Originals

Buy at Caliroots

“The Sobakov gives me instant classic vibes. The sneaker perfectly merges a modern YEEZY-esque silhouette with a classic Samba colorway. The black one has dropped here and there at a few retailers, but now it’s time for the official release accompanied by this very clean white iteration.”

Balenciaga Triple S Distressed

Triple S



Buy at Matchesfashion

“The Triple S is back in stock! If you’re still after a pair and don’t wanna pay resell, your chances are pretty good here.”

District Vision Junya



District Vision

Buy at District Vision

“Another perfectly on-trend piece, if not ahead of the curve. As seen at the last Paris Fashion Week, sports sunglasses will be a thing next summer. If you want to stay ahead and distinguish yourself from the Oakleys out there, District Vision’s got you covered!”

Champion Heritage CZ Necklace

Heritage CZ Necklace



Free Shipping On Orders Over $50

Free Shipping On Orders Over $50

Buy at Urban Outfitters

“A little ice never hurt nobody, and helps add that little extra something to any fit.”

CPFM Cactus Plant Cult Bracelet

C.P.F.M. / ''Cactus Plant'' Cult Bracelet

C.P.F.M. / ''Cactus Plant'' Cult Bracelet



Buy at C.P.F.M.

“CPFM just dropped these very affordable bracelets. A good piece to buy into from one of my favorite brands out there at the moment. Cactus Plant Flea Market has been around for a minute, yet continues to amaze with dope graphics and garment treatment – so good, the brand even made custom ‘KIDS SEE GHOSTS’ long-sleeves for Ye and Cudi. Keep the dope shit coming CPFM!”

‘Rick and Morty’ Pickle Rick Sleeping Bag

Pickle Rick Sleeping Bag



Buy at ThinkGeek

“A Pickle Rick sleeping bag… you can be Pickle Rick! No further explanation needed, a must cop for sure.”

BAPE ABC Place Mat & Coaster

ABC Place Mat & Coaster



Buy at Bape Online

“The BAPE camo very rarely disappoints and elevates any mundane product to potential grail level. Pimp out your desk or breakfast place with the mat and coaster you’ll want to wake up early and use.”

Le Gramme Le Câble 7

Le Câble 7


Le Gramme

Buy at Mr. Porter

“Le Gramme presents its new Le Câble 7 bracelet. A dope piece that ties in perfectly with the industrial wave (OFF-WHITE, A-COLD-WALL*, and so forth) that’s still happening. Definitely a bracelet you won’t see everyday. Made from sterling silver.”

OFF-WHITE Virgil Book

Virgil Book



Buy at off---white

“Part of a limited edition series of books that just released.”

As always, much of this product is limited, so if you missed out this time, be quicker and tune into next week’s roundup for a selection of more hot products.

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