This year’s latest (and so far greatest) viral sensation has people throwing their Vans sneakers on the floor and filming it. The reason? Twitter user @ibelievethehype uploaded a video that showed her Vans always landing right side up, no matter how she threw them.

This sparked a barrage of Twitter users uploading their own videos of them bottle-flipping Vans sneakers. Incredibly, the sneakers landed right side up most of the time.

The “challenge,” which as now has no official name, quickly went viral, with Twitter videos garnering several thousand likes and retweets in just two days. So much so, that any Vans that don’t land facing up were deemed “fake” by those participating in the challenge.

Twitter users have also shifted their attention to Crocs, determining that the silhouette landed on its right side up more accurately when thrown, compared to Vans, proving that the Vans Challenge can be debunked. In addition, the clips below spotlight that the high success rate of Crocs are suggested due to its overall EVA foam build prominent with curves, hence the reason why it tends to land right side up all the time. Also, the laws of physics are another factor.

Scroll through for a look at what we’re calling the “Vans Flipping” and "Crocs Flipping" challenge.

More often than not, it actually worked

Haters will say it’s Photoshopped

It also made us realize that some people have A LOT of Vans

If your kicks didn’t land face-up, your Vans were deemed “fake”

Vans Challenge debunked but Crocs never fail

Crocs Off The Wall & Floor

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