Anyone who has seen a crisp pair of sneakers turn into a not-so-crisp, stain-splattered pair of sneakers will know full well that a batch of bad weather or a misplaced drip of sauce can completely ruin your day (not to mention your footwear). Adding to the sneakerhead's arsenal of stain-combating equipment alongside NeverWet is Crep Protect ("Crep" being British slang for a pair of trainers - or "sneakers" as you Americans love to call them), a hydrophobic spray which has some pretty extraordinary water-repellent properties (for up to two weeks) when applied to a pair of sneakers. While we could go into greater depth on the spray's chemical properties, it's better for you to just check the video out above. Pick up a can for yourself straight from

The brand have also launched their new Splash Campaign with a striking video, check it out in full below.

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