Without any doubt 2015 was a strong year in sneakers. From the 30th anniversary of Jordan Brand, to the retail introduction of Kanye West's adidas line, it feels like there was hardly a single weekend for sneakerheads to take a break from the countless limited edition drops. As a result reselling reached entirely new heights as well. We reported about Nike's control of the sneaker resell market, gave you 10 tips if you want to resell, and asked ourselves whether or not resellers are actually ruining the sneaker game.

Having been around for many years already, New York's Flight Club is still today the go-to shop when it comes to sneakers that sold out everywhere else. The shop put together its 30 best selling sneakers of 2015, which gives a pretty good indication of the market overall. The Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue" leads the charge, closely followed by three sneakers from Kanye West's YEEZY Boost adidas collection. See the full Top 30 here below.

Shop them all here.

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