Sneaker fever hasn’t just gripped the world, it’s gripped the economy too. The American market for deadstock sneakers has now eclipsed a colossal $1 billion, with the thriving resell community netting millions of dollars a year by flipping rare kicks for profit.

With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with the sneakerhead data wizards over at StockX (formerly known as Campless) with illustrations by Dan Freebairn to bring you a detailed breakdown of the most valuable shoes to hit the resell market, as well as those that grossed the most dollars overall.

Here’s the rundown for 2016 Q2 (that’s April 1 to June 31) – with StockX’s data based on the sale of deadstock sneakers on eBay.

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Highs and Lows for YEEZY

It's hardly surprising that the glow-in-the-dark YEEZY Boost 750 tops out the list with a hefty $1,471 average resell price.

In at #9 though, the crepe-soled YEEZY desert boot's $610 resell price is actually $35 lower than what it originally retailed for — a sharp contrast to the 750's insane 400% markup. We've excluded the YEEZY line's boots in the past, but it's worth noting this time how the demand for Kanye's fashion endeavors seems to be limited just to sneakers.

Elsewhere, four heavyweight Jordan releases made it into the top 10 — again, no surprises there. What is unusual, though, is the presence of two Reebok shoes. The "Alien Stomper" from Aliens had film buffs reaching for their wallets, fetching an impressive $900 price on the secondary market. BEAMS' mismatched Instapump Fury "Crazy" also reached a pretty expensive price on eBay (for a Reebok shoe anyway), averaging out at $612.

The Jumpman Reigns Supreme (Still)

When it comes to the total dollars spent in Q2, however, it's business as usual. While there may be expensive adidas, ASICS and Reebok releases, the vast majority of dollars spent on deadstock sneakers go on Jordan releases. Eight out of the top 10 grossing shoes of the quarter were from the Jumpman, and the AJ12 "Wings" made over $1.6 million for resellers alone — more than double the glow-in-the-dark YEEZY 750.

While many brands are managing to break into the resell game with extremely hyped limited-edition releases, the market as a whole is still completely dominated by the Jumpman and the Swoosh.

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