Prada has unveiled its new Luna Rossa AC75 sailboat to race in the 36th annual America's Cup. The boat took more than two years to complete, thanks to the work of 90 people in construction, 37 designers, and total of 78,000 work hours.

The racing vessel features hella carbon fiber, with 7,000 square meters in the hull, and two ‘foil arms’ weighing 500kg each. Another 20,000km of carbon fiber thread was used for the mainsail, as well as 5,000km for the each jib and 12,000km for each "code zero," which is used to sail downward in a light breeze.

The Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team will race the AC75 in the last match of America's Cup, which will take place in Auckland from January to March 2021.

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